Marine Survey Findings


As we begin to rebuild & restart our marine industry it’s good to take stock of where we stand.  The following photos & notes were collected in collaboration with VIPCA & DPNR.  Field work took place in late September & the first half of October.  The findings were presented at the VIPCA Annual Charter Yacht Show at Yacht Haven Grande in early November.  To read through an overview of our findings click the link below:


Visit the links below if you would like to read more in depth on the field notes & skim additional photos collected to help inform your charter planning.  ** Please keep in mind that this data was collected in early October.  Mother nature is bouncing back quick & the residents of the VI are making huge strides every week. **

Field Notes & Photos by Area:

Anneberg/ Mary’s Creek 

 Caneel Bay

Christmas Cove

Cinnamon Bay

Cruz Bay

Hassel Island

Hawksnest Bay

Maho & Francis Bay

Megans Bay

Solomon to Honeymoon

Soper’s Hole BVI  

 Trunk Bay

 Water Island

 Waterlemon Cay




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